Simple bundles to suit every company

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Monthly PricingYearly Pricing
Base PackageBase Package
  • Simple Cap Table management
  • Shareholder management
  • Document management
  • Trust and SMSF support
  • Share tokenisation
  • Full portfolio dashboard
  • Block explorer
  • Document integrity and verification
  • iOS and Android App support
Bundle in ASICBundle in ASIC
  • Data synchronisation

    Pull your company data from ASIC and ensure its up-to-date

  • ASIC form filing

    File form 484s with ASIC for updates to company information

  • Annual review

    With 1-click in-app payment

  • Integrated alerts and notifications

    Always be on top of your compliance

Bundle in BoardBundle in Board
  • Organise meetings

    Both general and board meetings

  • Resolution and voting support

    Including templates for common resolutions

  • Automated calendar integration

    With iCal support

  • Virtual boardroom support

    Link to your preferred video conferencing solution

Optional extras for all companies

Option Plans

Create time, valuation, or condition based option plans and option pools.